Casebook Connect for Faculty
Enhance your teaching experience and improve your students’ learning outcomes by bringing the learning benefits of the Casebook Connect digital platform into your classroom
The New Classroom Experience
The Casebook Connect platform is the best way to engage with your law students. With Connected eBooks, you will be able to share your notes and links directly in the ebook with your students, track their progress, and provide them with additional resources. Additionally, Casebook Connect offers customizable formative assessment quizzes for many law school courses along with additional practice questions and tutorial videos to help your students master legal concepts and black letter law.
Connected eBooks
Create Classes
Share Links and Notes
Track Aggregate Progress
Exclusive Resources
Create a class to experience the many benefits of being a professor on Casebook Connect. You can create unlimited classes associated with a single ebook, allowing you to analyze progress trends over time.
Connected Quizzing
Improve Learning Outcomes
Customizable Quiz Content
The Quiz Concierge
Timely, Powerful Reporting
Studies show that formative assessments with individualized feedback improve student learning.
Reinforce Student Understanding
Professors can incorporate the PracticePerfect videos and quizzes into their curriculum as review content after teaching course concepts.
Practice Questions
Bundling PracticePerfect with your casebook ensures your students have over 300 practice questions for exams.
Progress Dashboards
PracticePerfect enables your students to track their progress on various levels and identify topics where they may need additional help.
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